– We insist upon the use of high-quality ingredients. Freshness and high quality are important characteristics of our product. Although this may mean a higher price per unit, customers may perceive it as a good value for their money.
– We recognise the pride the operator has in the product is evident to the customer. This is a very important factor in producing quality products.
– We will provide guidelines to generate a professional attitude which cultivates the positive customer and employee relationships necessary to market the product.
– We feel standardisation is essential. All Tokia Sushi restaurants must adhere to Franchisor specifications for the preparation of all food products. This produces a uniform product from restaurant to restaurant, thereby giving customers the high quality product they expect in each Tokia Sushi restaurant they use.


The main objective as a Tokia Sushi restaurant owner is to make a profit. Two areas to target in this regard are increasing sales and decreasing costs.

Product sales will be influenced by many factors which have to be considered even before you open for business. The primary elements of increasing sales that you must concern yourself with after you open your restaurant are:

1. Excellent customer service
2. Good employees
3. High standards of cleanliness
4. Serving a quality product
5. Projecting a professional image
6. Promoting and advertising Tokia Sushi

Decreasing Costs
A second basic element in earning a profit is to decrease your costs. Keep costs in check by using the Tokia Sushi control guidelines and monitoring your purchasing habits. Customized paperwork allows you to record information and easily make calculations for monitoring and evaluating your restaurant’s operation.


We help all of our Tokia Sushi restaurants to create and maintain a professional image. As part of a franchise, the experience a customer has in one Tokia Sushi restaurant, in most cases, has a direct effect upon his desire to visit another.
Here are some of the basic areas we will help you to build in your restaurant:

1. Excellent customer service
2. Competent employees, properly attired
3. “Eye appeal” of product
4. Responsiveness to customer complaints
5. Proper use and maintenance of marketing materials
6. A clean restaurant
7. Use of Tokia Sushi signage and logo

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